Boost recent documents in SOLR

Finding the correct boosting function to boost recent documents


Find top caches - Cachemgm 2

Follow up post - introducing 2 more features in the cachemgm extension.


TYPO3 Caching and the cHash

Explains TYPO3 caching and the need for a flexible cHash calculation

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SOLR Search Request Handlers explained

With SOLR you can execute complex queries over your indexed documents. Like with other software the possibilities are grown over time and there are many different configurations and parameters that could be used in order to...


JavaScript device detection

For some recent project we required some device specific logic. After searching for javascript based libaries we couldn't find any appropriate and decided to write a small device detection library based on user agend...


Finding more with SOLR

For a recent project we launched we had to deal with very different quality of the indexed documents and I want to share some approaches that you can use with SOLR to match fuzzy on terms (for different languages). For example:...


Inspirations from San Francisco

2 weeks ago I went to a business trip to San Francisco. As always I enjoyed being in the Silicon Valley and SF. The trip began with the Lucene Revolution with interesting talks about Lucene and Solr - I was presenting our...

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