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Don‘t slow applications with caches

Ok the title is a bit provocative - it could have also been something like „select your caches wisely“ or „caching is easy - but caching right is difficult“TYPO3 comes with a flexible Caching Framework, backported from FLOW3. The...

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Need for speed: TYPO3 Website-Caching

Caching is always a tricky thing and a good caching strategy always depends on the use cases of the website.  Website Caching Levels Of course there are tons of possible ways to cache a content on a website - I only want...

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TYPO3 Localisation with TemplaVoila

This article should give a compact summary of a possible best practice multilanguage configuration for TYPO3 together with TemplaVoila. Precondition Install the extension "languagevisibility" (see links below). This...

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global warming

For long I wanted to point out some relevant URLs related to the problem of global warming: After the UN world climate report the problem of global warming becomes more public - lets take care that everybody gets aware of this...

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Greetings and Photos from T3Board07 [updated]

Yeah - it really rocks Here just some photos...

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