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Don‘t slow applications with caches

Ok the title is a bit provocative - it could have also been something like „select your caches wisely“ or „caching is easy - but caching right is difficult“TYPO3 comes with a flexible Caching Framework, backported from FLOW3. The...

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SOLR Search Request Handlers explained

With SOLR you can execute complex queries over your indexed documents. Like with other software the possibilities are grown over time and there are many different configurations and parameters that could be used in order to...

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Multiprocessing with PHP5: Performance!

Multithreading with PHP5 can speed up execution time extremely by executing time consuming stuff parallel. This blog post presents Threadi - a set of classes that can be used to do simple parallel calls.


Dependency Injection Container - TYPO3 4.3

(updated on 3.6.2010) Today I uploaded a initial version of the "container" extension to forge. This extension has a simple Dependency Injection Container with a Feature subset of the FLOW3 DI Framework - and...


Zend Studio and Unit Tests

I just want to share how the Zend-Studio Feature "Run as > PHP Unittest" can be used.  1 Include PHPUnit Zend Studio ships with PHPUnit 3.x and you can set the PHPUnit library as Include Path. Therefore use a...

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small Javascript Objects example

In addition to article "Javascript object notation" I still have a small example lieing around. Its just a simple table element that is bind to a javascript object that is responsible for controlling the actions...

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Informationen aus der Rootline

Mit der Erweiterung danp_rootlineinfos ist es möglich auf den ersten nicht leeren Wert in der Rootline zuzugreifen. Damit sind beispielsweise Vererbungen möglich...

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