AOE Extensions

Here is a list of published extensions that are used and developed in some of our projects.

Direct Request [2010]

Allows to call the TYPO3 frontend without any apache or domain pointing to the Installation

Becookies [2010]

If you want to maintain multiple domains with one Backend Login this extension makes sure that you have a valid backend session for all frontend domains.

t3deploy extension [2010]

Commandline access to TYPO3 database structure migration logic

RPX Social login plugin [2010]

Login with the RPX Service to login in typo3 with twitter, facebook opendid and co Homepage: Where to get:

languagevisibility [2008]

Amazing flexible localization support for TYPO3 with multilevel language fallback

Javascript and CSS Optimizer js_css_optimizer

Implements hooks for the PageRenderer to compress Javascript and CSS file that a bundled to one single file. This extensions helps to reduce the number of cuncurrent HTTP requests when loading a document in the browser.

Database Key Sequenzes aoe_dbsequenzer [2010]

With this extension you can ensure different unique keys in a multi-environment setup.

Extracache [2011] About Extra functionality for the nc_staticfilecache-Extension: - Modify statically cached content before sending it to the client - Cache pages for different...

LocalisationManager l10n_mgr

The l10nmgr is a localization management extension for TYPO3 supporting a variety of online and offline translation workflows.


Short description The TYPO3 crawler can execute any configured jobs for pages in the background. Where to get: Useful crawler processing...

Dependency Injection

Standalone Dependency Injection Container for TYPO3. Also included in Extbase.

AOE Advanced Tables [2008]

Create TYPO3 Tables with colspan and rowspan.

AOE Realurl version [2007]

alternative page path generation for real url with features like: doublicate check / workspace + language capable / flexible control of paths and caching

Linkhandler for TYPO3 [2009]

This extension add more Tabs to the Linkbrowser and allows to have user friednly links to records like news etc..