T3CON08 - TYPO3 Conference Review

The 4th international TYPO3 conference is over - with about 450 visitors it was the biggest TYPO3 conference ever. For the first time the location of the conference was Berlin  - to be more concrete "Hotel Berlin-Berlin". In my opinion the location was great - nice rooms and chillout areas and good food.

As usual the keynote was held by Kasper - this time talking about the words "Passion", "Purpose" and "Personal"... You can view a recording of the keynote below.

Talks and Best Paper Award

There were many interesting talks - many of them related to the upcoming PHP Framework FLOW3 and the next generation of TYPO3. It's good to see more and more people inspired by TDD, DDD & Co.

The Best Paper Award this year went to

  1. Usability concepts for "Backend" interfaces (Jens Hoffmann)
  2. Going global with TYPO3 (Andreas Otto, Daniel Pötzinger and Daniel Zielinski)
  3. Karsten Dambekalns

I was very surprised that the seconde place went to our talk about the Localisationmanager of TYPO3.

the L10N Team: Daniel Zielinski, Andreas Otto, Kasper Skårhøj and Daniel Pötzinger

TYPO3 Certification

There was also a first test session for the TYPO3 certification (any details are confidential :-)). It looked promising: the questions are a good mix: some related to basic TYPO3 knowledge and some which require more advanced experience or contained dangerous traps :-). For more information and dates for the first tests see:


Personally, it was great to meet all the people again and to have a lot of interesting talks. Looking forward to the next TYPO3 event...

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