tagclouds for tt_news and indexed_search

With the extension danp_tagcloud it is possible to generate tagclouds like known from flickr and co...

Just look at the right to see how it could look.


For a simple Installation you just have to download the neccessary extensions:

danp_libs (Bibliothek mit nützlichen Funktionen... mehr dazu ein andermal)
danp_extendnews (Erweitert tt_news u.a. mit einem Feld für Tags)

You can insert a tagcloud simply by adding a plugin of the typ "tagcloud" and configure it. You can configure:

  • fontsize interval
  • maximal tags to show
  • start and recursion for the records
  • Settings for the generation of the tagcloud.
  • Settings for linking

Generation of the tagcloud

You can simply use one of the preconfigured Settings:

  • newstags
    Tagcloud is generated from the tagfield of tt_news and linked to a tt_news search page.
  • newskeywords

  • indexedsearch
    The tagcloud is generated out of the statistiktable from the indexed_search plugin.

Beside this preconfigurations are set in the default TypoScript Setup of the extension.

Advanced Configuration:

If you would like to have a tagcloud which is generated from another tablefield you can use the setting "advanced" in the plugin:

Meanings of the properties:


  • "fromDB field"  The tags are seperated by "," or space in a tablefield
  • "from Table Column" The Tags are in a table column. (Each cell with just one tag; for example in the indexedsearch statistiktable)


Of course you can set all properties in the TypoScript Setup. Just have a look in the default:

plugin.tx_danptagcloud_pi1 {
 tagTypolinkPreconfiguration {




Tips for using Tagcloud with tt_news:

For linking tags to a page you can do the following steps:

  1. Create a page "tagsearch"
  2. Insert the Newsplugin with "SEARCH"
  3. Create a "+ext tagsearch" Extension-Template in the page and configure the tt_news search like this:
    plugin.tt_news.searchFieldList = tx_danpextendnews_tags
  4. Now you can configure the tagcloud plugin:
    - Set Configuration "newstags"
    - Set the page "tagsearch" as Linktarget in the plugin

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  1. typo3 klagenfurt http://www.typo3-center.at 26.01.09 18:19

    Danke für die Anleitung - finde auch deine neue Seite voll cool aufgebaut! Danke für die tollen Tipps auch von Österreich! :-)

  2. Sven Fischer 01.05.07 11:55


    möchte mich auch für die tolle Extension bedanken. Läuft wirklich prima!
    Gruß aus Hannover

  3. Rahul Dewan 16.04.07 16:19

    Wonder if you have done something in the following area:

    a) Is it possible to have Tag Cloud becoming visible under the news item. For instance on our Home Page, we have the news items getting listed. is it possible that we show the tag cloud for that news item over there?

    b) Could I show two categories of Tag clouds? Example: www.etsy.com;

  4. Lennart Reuther http://blog.l-ray.de 28.06.06 12:15

    ...sehr geniale Extension... thnx!
    Eh-dorf gruesst Limbach-Oberfrohna...