Tags und Tagwolken mit TIMTAB

Here is an example for having a Tagcloud on thePage and to have Tags for each news displayed.

Needed Extensions:

  • danp_libs > 1.6
  • danp_extendnews >1.2: It extends tt_news for some fields like “tags” and “listimage”. It also adds new Markers like ###TAGCLOUD### which you can use in your Newstemplate
  • danp_tagcloud >2.0

Steps Overview:

  1. Install Extensions

  2. Add some Tags to your News/Blogentries

  3. Add a new Page for the Tagsearch

  4. Insert static Template in Maintemplate

  5. Insert Tagcloud

  6. Modify news_template and add Markers

  7. Adjust TypoScript Configuration

to 3) Add a new Page for Tagsearch:

  1. Add new page “blog tag search”

  2. Insert Plugin “News” in Mode “Search”

  3. Insert extensiontemplate on that site and configure the newsserach only to search in the tagfield:

    plugin.tt_news.searchFieldList = tx_danpextendnews_tags
  4. Insert a constant blogTagSearchPid in Maintemplate:
    (constants part):

    blogTagSearchPid=<pid to the blog tag serach page>
  5. Test it :-)

to 4) Insert static Template in Maintemplate:

Insert the Static Template “Extnews: ConfigureTagclouds” .

This configures:

plugin.tt_news.displaySingle.tagcloud andplugin.tt_news.displayList.tagcloud

This configuration is needed for the Markers###TAGCLOUD###. You can easily edit the properties (use TS ObjectTree):

to 5) Insert Tagcloud:

You have two possiblitys:

  • Insert the Tagcloud as Plugin on the page and use the preconfiguration for “news->tags”

  • Insert the tagcloud in you Template using the TS-Code and fill some Marker or TemplaVolia-DS with that.

lib.tagCloud_ttnews< plugin.tx_danptagcloud_pi1
lib.tagCloud_ttnews {

to 6) Modify news_template and add Markers

You can add the Marker##TAGS### for a simple display of the Tags, or (which is better) youcan use ###TAGCLOUD### to display a List of the Tags which are linkedto the blogTagSearch page.

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