Tabs in Records

Using tabs in records is really easy, just go to your extension folder and change some configurations of the related record:

  1. eidt the file ext_tables.php und adjust the "ctrl" property of the $TCA arrays:
    activate: "dividers2tabs"=>TRUE
  2. Then you can define the Tabs in the file "tca.php" underneath the  section "types" by adjusting the property "showitem":
    Each entry of the form "--div--;..text..," within the string will be a tab in the backend. (Remember to define at least two.)
    Instead of a text you can also use a language-label like shown in the example below:

The relevant part of the TCA Array could look like that:

"types" => Array (
        "0" => Array("showitem" => 
            title;;;;2-2-2, short;;;;3-3-3,
            description, times,
            hidden;;1;;1-1-1, withchildcare, status, outdoor, instructor")

Screenshot of Newsrecord with tabs

Von: Daniel Pötzinger

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