linkhandler extension (a christmas gift)

Did you also have costumers asking things like "How can I link to a news?" or "I want to link to products"...?

Well now you can answer this question easy with: "Of course linking to news is as easy as linking to a page.".

Extension linkhandler

This extension enables linking to any record by doing the following:

  • adding Tabs to the link browser in the Backend
  • enables typolink configuration to define how the links should be build for the frontend.
  • comes with a patch for TYPO3 4.1.x

Using the linkhandler to link to tt_news:

  1. Be sure you have the requirements: TYPO3 >4.1 ; PHP 5
  2. download and install the extension
  3. If you run TYPO3 4.1.x you have to check the checkbox to activate the patch!
  4. Edit the TSConfig in the pageproperties of your rootpage.
  5. Edit the typoscript settings for your page.
  6. the manual for details

Edit the TSConfig in the pageproperties of your rootpage:

The extension comes per default with a tab "News". So if you are fine with that - there is no need to adjust anything. However this is the default definition:

RTE.default.tx_linkhandler { 
    tt_news {       

mod.tx_linkhandler {   
    tt_news {       

Edit the typoscript settings for your page:

The extensio comes also with default typoscript configuration for tt_news. To load this you have to add the "linkhandler" static typoscript to your template.

Also you have to adjust the constant and set your single Pid.


By the way here is the default typoscript:

plugin.tx_linkhandler {
    tt_news {

technical background

Since version 4.2 there is a new HOOK in the core - the first hook which is based on a PHP5 interface class. With the help of this hook you can add Tabs to the linkbrowser (both: the classic and the htmlarea RTE one).

The extension provides a way to define additional Tabs with TSConfig. The link to records are stored in the database in the format: record:<tablename>:<ui>

Since TYPO3 4.2 there is a new working feauture called linkhandler: An extension can register to handle links which begin with a certain key.

The extension linkhandler registers for the key "record" and therefore handles the building of links to records. The links itself are defined with a typolink object - with the trick that the typolink is loaded with the full datarow of the record.


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