global elements for webpages

I want to introduce a concept called "global elements" for TYPO3.

Normaly you have some static elements on a website, such as footer or contactinformations. This elements are rarely changed and so they are often handled in templates. But a more flexible way is to store them as normal TYPO3 contentelements. So editors are allowed to change them.


You can follow this example:

  1. create a sysfolder "global elements"
  2. create the content elements. E.g. "Footer (english)"
    (mostly TEXT or HTML will be the choice)
  3. Use this TS-Object to insert the content:
    (As usual there are many ways to Rome)

    lib.footer.table = tt_content
    lib.footer.select {

    lib.footer2 = TEXT
    lib.footer2.data = DB:tt_content:43:bodytext

    lib.footer2.wrap =|

  4. So you can use this TS-object to fill a marker or (if you use TemplaVoila) to map a datastructure

Now editors could change this "global elements", and so there is no need for admin rights.


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  1. roland http://www.roland-mueller.info 29.04.09 13:18

    Super, sowas suchte ich! Danke.

  2. Daniel Pötzinger 09.08.06 15:40

    Yes you can use TS-Object "CONTENT" for that. Just insert your plugin under the Sysfolder and insert it like shown above to your site.

    Also possible is to insert the plugin directly:

  3. Emanuel http://none 14.07.06 20:11

    Hi, I don't speak German so Iäl tyy this in English. My goal is to make a global element of the minibasket in tt_produckts.

    Is there a way to use the code above and rewrite it to use with plugin elements? I just can't get it to work!