TYPO3 Caching and the cHash

Explains TYPO3 caching and the need for a flexible cHash calculation

Inside TYPO3

TYPO3 Localisation with TemplaVoila

This article should give a compact summary of a possible best practice multilanguage configuration for TYPO3 together with TemplaVoila. Precondition Install the extension "languagevisibility" (see links below). This...


Dependency Injection Container - TYPO3 4.3

(updated on 3.6.2010) Today I uploaded a initial version of the "container" extension to forge. This extension has a simple Dependency Injection Container with a Feature subset of the FLOW3 DI Framework - and...

Talking about 10 extensions - Part I

The number extensions grows and grows and you find any kind of extensions. In this post I would like to suggest and talk about 10 extension I really like.

linkhandler extension (a christmas gift)

Did you also have costumers asking things like "How can I link to a news?" or "I want to link to products"...? Well now you can answer this question easy with: "Of course linking to news is as easy as linking to a...