TYPO3 Caching and the cHash

Explains TYPO3 caching and the need for a flexible cHash calculation


JavaScript device detection

For some recent project we required some device specific logic. After searching for javascript based libaries we couldn't find any appropriate and decided to write a small device detection library based on user agend...

Inside TYPO3

Need for speed: TYPO3 Website-Caching

Caching is always a tricky thing and a good caching strategy always depends on the use cases of the website.  Website Caching Levels Of course there are tons of possible ways to cache a content on a website - I only want...


Catching browser back

Today we searched for a solution to catch the browser back button. The problem is, that the browser per default has no way to catch the back and forward actions. Also the browser does not allow to modify the browser...


Automatic testing with Selenium

Quality Assurance: Automatic testing of web applications with Selenium   Introduction Every web application needs proper testing to ensure that it works like expected. Therefore you should have a set of test-cases, that...