global elements for webpages

I want to introduce a concept called "global elements" for TYPO3. Normaly you have some static elements on a website, such as footer or contactinformations. This elements are rarely changed and so they are often handled in...


get rid of tt_news wraps

Mostly the "CSS-based tmpl (tt_news)" is used as a base for the extension tt_news.  But some of the configurations are unpropitious for some projects. For example the wraps around the subheader of a news. problem...

TYPO3 poster

On the website of the german TYPO3 Magazin http://www.yeebase.com/t3poster/ you can find a online TYPO3 mosaic poster, which consists of 3068 screenshots from TYPO3 made websites. The screenshots seems to be from the...

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