Find top caches - Cachemgm 2

In the previous post I wrote about the new features in the cachemgm extension regarding the logging of the cache activity.

Now there are two more features available:

  1. Use Tx_Cachemgm_Cache_Frontend_LogablePhpFrontend to also log PHP Caches
  2. Use the new cli command "cachemgm_top" to watch the top caches

Find top cache identifiers

Once you have setuped the Logable Cache Frontends you can simply call:

cli_dispatch.phpsh cachemgm_top

To see a refreshing list of the top cache activity.

All filter arguments do also apply here - so you can use:

cli_dispatch.phpsh cachemgm_top --filterAction=MISS

to only see the top cache misses.


It gives you something like this:


Read in the next post for what this can be useful...


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