New Imagemap Extension

A few months ago one of our customers complained about the Imagemap solution he had. The most annoying fact was that the existing extensions from TER did not work properly with Workspaces. Now this has changed :)
It took a while but now we can offer a completely new Imagemap extension which integrates seamlessly into the normal TYPO3 Backend without XCLASSes, with workspace support and with -as we hope- increased usability. Another improvement of the extension is that the created links are also reported to the TYPO3 refindex.
The extension provides a new content type "ImageMap" which works on top of the normal image type; the only difference is an additional field wich can be edited with a wizard (compareable to the Colorpicker Wizard). The image in the wizard is rendered as if it was rendered in the Frontend, therefore every effect and option from the normal image element (or extension for this element) can be used in connection with the Imagemap!

The Implementation of the User-Interface is based on jQuery and is a good example for object-oriented JavaScript solutions.
At the moment there are still some features which are awaiting implementation- If you want to review or test the current solution you can download it from the TER ( ) or directly via SVN from Forge (
Sugesstions are always welcome.

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