running FLOW3 with PHP 5.3.0 on mac (up)

Just some small notes about how to run FLOW3 on a mac.

Installing PHP 5.3.0beta1

FLOW3 requires PHP 5.3 in the current version. Macport is a greate tool (like apt*) for compiling and upgrading software. So the first thing you need to do is download:

After downloading and installing macport you can use the port commands to download and install new software with its dependencies. For PHP 5.3 you can use this commands:

cd /opt/local/bin
sudo ./port selfupdate -f
sudo ./port search php5
sudo ./port variants php5-devel
sudo ./port install php5-devel +apache2 +macosx +mysql5 +sqlite

More details on

Installing FLOW3

You can get the current version from SVN: svn co

Update (18.10.2009)

Since php 5.3 is released its now available with the port "php5":

( sudo ./port installed )
sudo ./port uninstall php5-devel
sudo ./port install php5 +apache2 +macosx +mysql5 +sqlite

Update (15.02.2011)

To run flow3 / TYPO3v5 you need to have a valid pear installation:

Pear updaten:

wget && php go-pear.phar

PHPUnit updaten:


vfsStream installieren:


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