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  1. Billy 22.09.11 20:33

    Thanks for sharing your wallpaper for your computer. I would love to use it as well if that is okay with you. For some reason I am having trouble trying to download it. I don't know if it is a result of my internet moving too slow. I'm thinking I need to upgrade to some sort of cloud computing so that I can store more files.

  2. Len 16.09.11 11:18

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  3. Dan 12.09.11 07:57

    In the examples you display all threaded examples. Yet you also supply a non threaded function. Though this in itself is without a linked example of its use. It would be appreciated to also add a example using the non-threaded variant as well. Just to round out everything your class can do =). Possibly even going so far as maybe sending me a example of this class with a non-threaded example. Would be appreciated. And thank you.

  4. martin 22.08.11 14:40

    Amazing wallpaper i like this and download this thanks

  5. solar 16.08.11 15:45

    hey guys,

    really nice tipps. thank you.

    another issue, have you ever checked the browser performance of this site?
    this site is quite unsable on firefox, it causes/consumes 90% cpu-power...
    there is something not well coded on this site..

    best regards

  6. Daniel 02.08.11 21:55

    Hi Stephan

    exclude and mergeIfNotBlank both works for merging the content for the frontend-rendering.
    (exclude = always use fieldcontent from fallback language /
    mergeIfNotBlank = only use fields from fallback language if no value for the current language exists)

    But this field is not evaluated in the backend unfortunately.

  7. Stephan 26.07.11 11:29

    Hi Daniel,

    thanks for this article about Localisation and the extension "languagevisibility". Currently I try to get deeper into this, but I have still problems.

    When I play around with l10n_mode in the datastructur of the FCE I see no difference between "exclude" or "mergeIfNotBlank". It shows same behavior.

    What about "prefixLangTitle" and "noCopy"? Are these values allowed for l10n_mode in DS? What do they effect?

    I want to localize a FCE, but don't want that templavoila makes a copy of the image that was inserted in the default-FCE. How can I do this?

    best wishes, Stephan

  8. Daniel 29.06.11 08:57

    Hi Reverend

    Thats true! The socializing event was great as always.. I remember some new karaoke talents and the TYPO3 song :-)

  9. Reverend Neverend 28.06.11 23:43

    Hi Daniel.

    You forgot to mention that you danced like John Travolta! :-)

    We had a Blast together!

  10. Robbie 27.05.11 02:17

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    Eventuell hilft Dir die Extension dynaflex von Thomas Hempel?

    Übrigens: Die Aussage "Für Typo3 gibt es nicht sehr viele gute Quellen" finde ich ein wenig irreführend. Natürlich muss man manchmal schon ein wenig suchen - aber es gibt eine Menge guter Tutorials und Snippets.

  12. paul 11.05.11 20:37

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  13. Markus 09.05.11 22:13

    hat bei mir super geklappt. leider werden bei mir die Flexform Tabs bei der Redakteursgruppe nicht angezeigt... an was konnte das liegen?

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    I agree with Chris the user software should not be meddled with as it could lead to other compilations.

  15. Jan 25.04.11 08:28

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  16. Steven Davis 23.04.11 09:28

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  17. Martin Kiesewetter 19.04.11 12:16

    Top Artikel... hat mir sehr geholfen... typo3 ist echt "etwas" kompliziert

  18. Seko 3D 13.04.11 18:36

    Bei mir wollte die Flagge der Default-Sprache nicht funktionieren. Habe dann geunden, dass die Angabe geändert wurde. Es wird nun kein Dateiname mehr erwartet, sondern nur der Code der Sprache:


    //setzen der Defaultsprache fürs BE:
    mod.SHARED {

  19. Jarrod 29.03.11 05:53

    I like the idea of having this automated. I just had a new site built that we launched 3 weeks ago and we are still finding bugs in it. It would be nice to have an application that could test drive the site and find these kind of things but I'm not sure it could work in my case.

  20. Bytesland 22.03.11 15:28

    Unit testing is a must do! Test then code, I find it addictive. I have been using PHPUnit and have the command line set to generate code coverage, metrics and test reports. In progress of integrating into a continuous build as well.