TYPO3 wallpaper for wide screen

Just want to share the wallpaper I recently created.

The photo is taken from the website http://www.interfacelift.com


(Fruit 01 from Mike Swanson)


Initiates file downloadDowload TYPO3 Wallpaper (16:10)


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  1. Billy 22.09.11 20:33

    Thanks for sharing your wallpaper for your computer. I would love to use it as well if that is okay with you. For some reason I am having trouble trying to download it. I don't know if it is a result of my internet moving too slow. I'm thinking I need to upgrade to some sort of cloud computing so that I can store more files.

  2. martin 22.08.11 14:40

    Amazing wallpaper i like this and download this thanks

  3. Alex 25.07.10 22:06

    I based my wallpaper on both of the wallpapers found on TYPO3.org. After doing some Photoshop magic, I ended up with this.
    Now before I go and spend hours of Photoshopping, if there actually is someone out there in this wallpaper on a different resolution than let me know and I will magically generate it.

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  4. Daniel P http://www.typo3-media.com 21.05.09 19:20

    sure - thats why it is here.


  5. sharon 15.05.09 16:16

    may i download your picture?i need this picture to my report.thank you!