TYPO3 association and T3Pages

Well I guess everybody realised the current discussion in the community regarding the T3pages problem.

If not here are a short summary and the links to read more:

The german agency netresearch published a new directory for TYPO3 based projects (T3Pages). A part of the community dont like this seperate listing and were very upset. As reaction the TYPO3 association has engaged some lawyers.

Pros T3Pages:

  • the website provides much more features than the typo3.com listing. Many of the features were asked for typo3.com in the past.
  • everybody is free to start his own project of course

Contras T3Pages:

  • we have a listing on typo3.com. To have two listings splits community. Now we have a conflict in the community :-(
  • The color and the text gives the page an official character and supposed to be an official listing. This is not ok!
  • some lawyers are involved which might is a bit over-the-top, but we dont know the details.
  • the t3pages.com is not independent because it is maintained by netresearch.
  • many of the listed pages were not asked before published there - this is of course a big problem.



my opinion:

Well this is difficult. On the one hand I can understand the association - because it is somehow obviously that the reason for this page is self interest - and thats not good for the community. And also in the past netresearch did equal independent campaigns (regarding "TYPO3 Anwendertag").

On the other hand: we have a free business rivalry, everybody is free to do what he wants. The reaction of the association is a bit over-the-top - I am sure there would have been other ways before.

Instead the community could answer with a new and better listing on typo3.com!

I would also like to say some words to the association in common:

  • At first I like the association and appreciate theire work very much! And it is highly neccessary to have it!
  • But in the past there were repeating critic regarding the decissions and the close structure: It is not possible to view the resources and the flow of the financial resources from the association. I think everybody who pays to the association should be able to have at least a rough overview over the money. I know some people who are not paying the community for excatly that reasons. Since the community grows and grows - maybe its time to think of this again.
  • What about making it more democratic? Some regular and public elections withhin the association? Clear described positions?
  • There is no way for the mass of the community to have some community decissions for the use of the resources. I don't know if this is relevant - but I think useful to motivate extra sponsoring.
  • I at least know 2 cases where people or agencys liked to sponsor a relevant amount of money to the association and trying to contact the association for that reason in the past: There was no answer...


I would love to have a association which is a bit more open and transparent. I think this can help to keep the community together and hold the spirit.
I am sure we all love TYPO3 and the community!





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  1. Andreas http://www.typo3-blog.com 09.11.07 08:16

    Yes, really good post.

    I must say that i also was a bit shocked about the heavy reaction of the association.
    On the one side i understand, that the website is not purely motivated by giving something to the community (generate traffic, publicity for netresearch) but on the other side many user are oftenly happy to submit their site to various let's call them web-catalogues.

    But i agree with the association that they should remove every entry which was entered by netresearch withouth the permission of the owners.

  2. Ingo http://www.ingo-renner.com 05.11.07 07:51

    good post!