TYPO3 as Web-to-Print Solution

Timo Schmidt currently work on his diploma thesis with the topic how TYPO3 can be used in Web-to-Print Usecases.

The main idea is to reuse the content stored in the CMS.

The way how it works:

  1. an editor can create a set of contentelements with the help of a backend modul
  2. The set (collection) can be saved for later exporting
  3. The collection can be exported to several target formats:
    • contentelements are exported as XML files
    • XML is transformed with XSLT to several target formats like Latex/Indesign Import ... then

Relevant Use-Cases:

  • collaborative work on print-products
  • Autoexport a printversion of a Webcatalogue
  • generate several handbooks/ flyers etc with the content of your webpage.

The work is supported by AOE media GmbH.

He did really good work and the first result can be viewed as a screecast here:

Comments and ideas are very much welcome (please follow direct link to article therefore)

Open the Screencast >>


Direct Link to the article >>

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