TYPO3 4.2 Alpha 3

Yesterday the Alpha3 of the new TYPO3 Version 4.2 was announced.

Thanks to all who works on this, nice concepts and adjusments went into this version.

In my eyes there is still a way to go fixing bugs and bring the concepts to its end.

I think the Core-Team is Happy for each support it can get.


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  1. Daniel http://www.typo3-media.com 18.01.08 09:59

    Servus - Ich ich habs auch gestestet und noch einige Bugs und Ungereihmtheiten eintdecken können... Aber dafür ist es ja eine Alpha.

  2. Artur Jendrysik http://www.artgraphix.de 18.01.08 04:44

    I tried the new version of Typo3 4.2! I think the most bugs were fixed.
    Very good work!!!