Talking about 10 extensions - Part I

The number extensions grows and grows and you find any kind of extensions.

In this post I would like to suggest and talk about 10 extension I really like.

1. More Flags for Websitelanguages: syslanguage_flags

Ever need more than the default flags for your website language? The solution is this extension from Tolleiv Nietsch which adds many (every) flag to this record.


2. Powerful Upload: ameos_dragndropupload

Userfriendly upload of complete folderstructures (maybe also known for new versions of DAM). Thanks to Jerome Schneider.


3. Inheritance and Slide for flexforms and TemplaVoila: kb_tv_cont_slide

This is a small but smart extension to have diffrent kinds of inheritance for flexformfields. Its a must have for TemplaVoila pages. (Kraft Bernhard)


4. File-Browsing in the BE: t3quixplorer

Nothing for a live page because of security issues: But very useful during developing. (Mads Brunn)


5. Larger Textfields in the BE: pmktextarea

If you want larger inputfields (textarea) in the BE, e.g. for editing TypoScript? This extension from Peter Klein adds resizeable textfields with some other features like search, linenumbers,fontsize to the backend of TYPO3.


6. Bring more usability to TemplaVoila: nh_tvdragndrop

This extension from Nikolas Hagelstein adds a cool drag and drop feature to the page modul of TemplaVoila.


7. Dummy Content everywhere: lorem_ipsum

Nice extension from Kasper to have quick dummy daa in your Contentelements. Its also a good example how to build cool wizards.


8. Iframes for editors: ffiframe

Flexformbased iframe element from Peter Klein.


9. Usability in Links: linkhandler

Bring more usability to new TYPO3 installations: This extension enables userfriendly links to any record. (Like tt_news)


10. Add google analytics easy: m1_google_analytics

This extension from Philip Almeida let you add the google analytics code easy, just by setting the urchin code. Also it has support for more advanced tracking like tracking links to files/external urls (without using XCLASSes).

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  1. alf 17.11.08 08:38

    perfect Idear, und good work. tnx

  2. (..Die Hybrid Multilanguage Tree Extension erlaubt es Redakteuren von mehrsprachigen Webseiten, den Seitenbaum in verschiedenen Sprachversionen ...)

  3. tom // undkonsorten 05.02.08 16:01

    Feine Idee mit dieser Artikelserei. Weitermachen!

    LG aus BLN

  4. micho 03.02.08 17:25

    good coolection, I m going to test a few of them

  5. eater 01.02.08 16:53

    Already bookmarked. Will test them ASAP. Thanks.