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RealURL Configurator

with the Extension "danp_realurlconfigurator" you are able to edit and configure your real_url installation.

It simply enables you to set up a basic realurl configuration and to edit the configuration-array in the backend. The extensions needs a file realurlconf.php in your typo3conf folder. This file has to be included from your localconf.php. The modul provides you the possibility to create this file by a few clicks, see below for more informations.

The backend modul provides you four functions:


Icludes common explainings to the extensions itself.

Edit RealURL-Config

Enables you to edit the content of the file realurlconf.php . So you can edit the $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXTCONF']['realurl'] Array in the Backend.


With this function you can simply check if everything is configured correct for using the "RealURL-Configurator". For now you it does the following:

  1. Checks if the file typo3conf/realurlconf.php exists. If not you can create this file with one click.
  2. Enables you to copy a default configuration-array for realurl to the file realurlconf.php
  3. Checks if the file realurlconf.php is included in localconf.php. If not you can insert the include command by just one click.

Generate: SQL2Redirect

Often it is neccessary to redirect old URLs to new URLs. For example this is the case if you had used simulateStaticDocuments before.

That function provides you the possiblity to generate redirects statements for your realurl configuration. The generation uses SQL and comes with a simple example. Your SQL statement must select two fields named "url" and "newurl". With the MySQL functions CONCAT, REPLACE and SUBSTRING you are able to build the SQL which fits your needs.

For example: this select statement maps common simulateStaticDocuments-URLs to realurl-URLs:

CONCAT('^',REPLACE(SUBSTRING(pages.title,1,20),' ','_'), '.', pages.alias, '.0.html(.*)') as url, CONCAT('http://domain.de/de/', uid) as newurl




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  1. Billigflug http://bloglines.at 30.11.06 16:26


    also noch mal danke für diese super Info über RealUrl! Leider war es für mich bis jetzt immer sehr schwer diese anzupassen oder eben mit sehr viel arbeit verbunden! Mit dieser EXT geht es echt super!


  2. typo3 http://www.pcmasters.de/compiler/ 28.08.06 19:23

    Nette Extension, erleichtert die Arbeit von RealURL ungemein.