AOE Realurl version [2007]


Where to find:

  • Tolleiv merged realurl with the former aoe_realurlpath:


In some projects the default features of path generations have some limits like:

  • each page in rootline has a entry in the path
  • a complete individual definition of a certain path is difficult
  • external urls are not linked
  • multilanguge urls sometimes have problems with some fields
  • no workspace support
  • doublicated pagepaths are not checked


The pathgeneration can be enabled in your realurl configuration and controls the path generation of pages (it does not modify parameter conversion).


  • Individual control of path per page.
  • several options to generate SEO freindly urls automatically.
  • support for multilanguage
  • generate direct links to external urls and shortcuts
  • collisiondetection

You have new page properties:

  • field to override complete pagepath
  • field to override just the pathsegement
  • checkbox "exclude page from middleW

the extension ships with a modul for the info modul:


Installation / Configuration:

  1. install from TER
  2. realurl configurationneeds to be adjusted


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